Litter Picks

In the near future we shall be starting regular litter-picks in the park. If you would like to be involved, we can provide pickers, gloves, sacks and high-viz waistcoats. The dates are as below.

Litter Pick Dates:

Saturday 9 February             10.30 a.m..
Saturday 9 March                  10.30 a.m.
Saturday  6 April                   10.30 a.m.
Saturday  11 May                  10.30 a.m.
Saturday  8 June                  10.30 a.m.
Saturday 13 July                  10.30 a.m.
Saturday 10 August            10.30 a.m.
Saturday  14 September      10.30 a.m.
Saturday   12 October          10.30 a.m.
Saturday   9 November        10.30 a.m. 
Saturday 14 December        10.30 a.m.
The meeting point for all the events is the Wildlife Centre ( by the lake), South Park, South Park Road, Ilford.

If you wish to help on any of the above dates, please email:

Coffee Mornings/Open Days

In the Spring we will aslso be trying to organise monthly coffee mornings, in the style of opendays, in the Sports Pavillion near the children’s playgrounds, or from the Education and Information Centre. Volunteers will be on hand to offer wildlife and environment information; such as what and how much to feed the waterfowl and birds and the location of litter bins!

Details of these events to follow soon